• Mix and capture two non-HDCP 4K live videos at 1080P UVC format on PC or mobile device via USB 3.x interface with seamless transition
  • Intuitive Android / iOS App control – set up your camera gear and direct your show from anywhere
  • Supports real-time HDMI program video preview
  • Easily identifiable chroma keys – can make the video look like you are anywhere by changing the background

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CAMLIVE™ PRO | 4K Video Capture / Switch with Wireless Control

Enhance Your Conferencing Experience

Effortless One-person Dual-camera Video Production and Livestreaming

A Professional One-Person Production Studio

Providing the most fluid video streaming workflow for dual camera / single operator setups, CAMLIVE™ PRO is a video capture and switch device that can turn any professional 4K camera, camcorder, or GoPro into an HDMI video source for a computer or mobile device to stream, coupled with the incredibly feature-rich DVE (Digital Video Effect) options and chroma keyer. Just connect a camera, mic, and laptop, and you are ready to stream and switch between two video inputs.

4K Capture, Stream, and Switch Instantly

CAMLIVE™ Pro is designed to easily connect with two 4K video sources and mix and stream in FHD format to a worldwide audience with outstanding video effects and professional full HD quality. It’s completely plug and play and compatible with any streaming software and social media platform, such as Skype, Teams, Zoom, OBS, YouTube, and Facebook. For streamers who want to make interviews, presentations, or even live events, using CAMLIVE™ PRO is easy and fast!


Free ATEN OnAir Lite Control App with Continuous Updated Features

The ATEN OnAir Lite control app allows for controlling remotely, editing in real-time, chroma keying, and arranging multi-elements into your program mix. You can switch and mix video/audio, change settings and effects, and save up to 8 scene presets for quick switching. Upcoming new features will include command shortcuts for chats, animations, and sound effects, all to help streamline your workflow.


Direct Your Livestream Workflow via Bluetooth

You don’t need to stay by your equipment or hire a person to help direct your show. Simply use Bluetooth, and the OnAir Lite app, to connect your smartphone to the UC3022. A single user can easily produce pro-level video content with smooth transitions and pro-looking effects, without any production crew required.

Make Your Livestreaming Unique with DVE (Digital Video Effect) and Chroma Keyer

The built-in DVE lets you create professional picture-in-picture and picture-by-picture effects with amazing transitions. With 4K resolution input capability, you can even split, crop, or scale images and insert them into different scenes without losing any image quality. The most exciting is using chroma keying with eye-poping effects for a superior finish.


Incredibly Portable and Powerful

This micro device packs several features in one and its lightweight design makes it possible to fit in any case so you can take it to any live event or production.


Stream Presentations, Conferences, Lessons, Worship Services, and More!

CAMLIVE™ PRO is an extremely versatile product that allows you to create pro-level video productions in a wide variety of situations. With it you can stream live video for interviews, corporate conferences / webinars, school lectures, church worship services, or live events, all in full HD quality.