• Supports unencrypted 4K video input for 1080P capture
  • Software free –plug & play designed for PC, Mac and Android platform
  • HDMI loop-out –supports real-time HDMI video preview
  • Up to 60W power charging capability for laptop or Android phone –supports USB-C PD3.0 power profile include 5V/9V/15V/20V (additional USB-C power adapter is needed)
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Pro-level Streaming Anywhere

With CAMLIVE+, simply capture your professional camera or game console’s video image to an Android smartphone or a PC to livestream in 1080P60 format, making your livestreaming quality immediately outstanding, even when on the go.

Advanced-yet-Light Stream Setups

Carrying lots of heavy equipment for pro-level mobile livestreaming has always been a pain for video content creators. With its lightweight design and hot shoe adapter, CAMLIVE+ can be mounted on the top of your camera or on any mounting system. You can even install a mic and an LED light to elevate your production quality. And the entire setup is neat and clean.

Receive Any 4K HDMI Source for 1080P Capture

Receive any 4K video source and output 1080P video image to a laptop, MacBook, or smartphone via USB-C connection to livestream. CAMLIVE+ is compatible with any streaming software and platform, including CameraFi, Skype, OBS, YouTube, and more.

Charge your Phone/Laptop while Streaming

Battery has been always an issue for mobile livestreaming, especially when you have longer livestreaming sessions. Set up an external power supply by 60W power pass-through on CAMLIVE+ to charge your phone or laptop. Worry no more about a livestream draining your batteries.

Game Capturing even for Party Games

Aside from individual gaming streaming in your bedroom you can now livestream and play party games with your friends or family in the living room with CAMLIVE+. Just use low-latency 4K60P loop-out from your game console to your TV for real-time playing and use your smartphone as a camera and livestream device, without complex equipment.

Multiple Applications, both Indoors and Outdoors

Whether you are streaming inside or outside at an event, CAMLIVE+ provides the most convenient and easiest way to stream in pro-level quality. Use it for vlogging, gaming, conferencing, education, worship, and even live events.