17″ LCD Drawer w/ 16-port DB15 KVM – IP Remote Switch
The RKP117-IP1602 KVM is a console devices that allows access to multiple computers from a single console
This devices can control up to 16 computers. As many as 8 additional KVM switches can be cascaded to the RK117-IP1602, so that up to 128 computers can all be controlled from a single KVM console.

The RKP117-UIP1602 has integrated a keyboard, 17″  LED-backlit LCD monitor, and touchpad in a 1U rack-mountable sliding housing. The Console Interface (keyboard – monitor) can be detached from the KVM switch unit, which allow user to change and upgrade / maintenance in time of use.
This devices support over IP switches, user can access the devices using integrated software to manage servers from remote locations. User can operate server in a wide range of action, turning on/off , running application, logging in. These action is recorded into log file for easy check up and investigate.
This device is compatible with various server or pc :  HP / IBM / Dell PC, Server and Blade Server / SUN / Mac and support multiple OS  : Windows / Linux / Unix / Mac OS.
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Drawer Features & Display Benefits

  • 1U 17″ LCD console drawer
  • Green LED-backlit panel technology
  • 104-key keyboard with either touchpad or trackball
  • Short depth design of 460mm and 500mm respectively
  • New enhanced aesthetics with molded front handle
  • Front USB port for devices access (USB Hub KVM only)