• Clones hard disk data sector by sector.
  • Supports hard drive capacities of 9TB or greater.
  • Speed transfers of up to 9 GB per minute.
  • Supports all major OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, proprietary systems (RAID*) and other standalone systems.​​​​​​​
  • It supports the DX115 DC Carrier and is currently the biggest CRU  HDD duplicator on the market.

Mô tả

CRU Rackmount Duplicator (4U 19″ rackmount) is expandable and can support between 1 and 254 targets CRU HDD. U-Reach adopted a unique multitasking technology that can simultaneously copy targets with a higher transfer speed of 9GB per minute. We guarantee the highest productivity without speed degradation. It supports the DX115 DC Carrier, and is currently the biggest CRU HDD duplicator on the market. There is no set up or software installation required and it is simple to connect to another KV500-C or KV600-C unit to extend target duplicator.

Impeccable High Speed

U-Reach drive duplicator is capable of copying at 9GB/min. on all devices simultaneously, without any speed degradation as number of targets increase. 9GB per minute is far beyond PC-based duplicators.

Supports All Partition Format for Duplication

Whole HDD Copy supports various partition formats.Systems & Files Copy, reduces copy time and supports NTFS, FAT16/32/64, Linux (ext2/ext3/ext4) and Mac (HFS/ HFS+/ HFSX).

Flexibility to expand target without slowing down speed

Requires only a simple connection between each unit to expand the targets.

Supports All Partition Format for Duplication

Easy to install and expand by stacking all the duplicators in a sturdy server cabinet.

Various Sanitization Methods

• Quick Erase – Erase HDD index table, and only takes A FEW SECONDS to complete
• Full Erase – Erases the entire HDD
• DoD Erase – Complies with U.S. Department of Defense erasure standards.
• Secure Erase – A National Institute of Standards and Technology 800-88 accepted technique for properly purging hard drives. This method is supported by almost all modern SATA HDD.

     DoD Erase with Compare Method:

Log Report Management

Records operation time, each port’s process details, including HDD’s model, capacity, S/N, result (pass, fail).Real-time recording and viewing Log Report via PC-Link.

Real-Time PC Monitoring

It is absolutely perfect for MONITORING the work progress during operation. It shows all the information for EVERY PORT, which is a powerful tool for sorting out the lagging writing HDD and keeping the operation efficient. All the information you need will be shown on a PC screen.

1. It’s able to monitor HDD Duplicator with duplication status from PC while duplicators are connected to it.

2. Shows and records the brand name, model, S/N, duplication time, result of every HDD from all the ports, the
​​​​​​​    info of both sources HDD and target HDD are recorded.

3. Slow R/W speed HDD detection: lagging HDD can be easily sorted, because user can see the duplication
​​​​​​​   speed of every  port by “Event Log”.

4. To select a period of time in order to export part of the log data. Just one click, the data will be exported into        .txt file and  saved on PC. The date of export is the file name. (e.g. 20130308.txt)