• High video resolution – up to 1920 x 1080 @60Hz for local and remote console
  • 1U rackmount 8 port KVM over IP Switch provides control of computers/servers locally or remotely
  • Simultaneous support for 2 users – 1 local user and 1 remote user
  • A Windows client is available for remote access
  • Allows for centralized management on the computer/server from anywhere
  • Multiplatform Support-Compatible with Windows, Sun, Unix and Linux
  • VGA, DVI, HDMI KVM adapter available
  • 2-year limited warranty
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The HT1108 1-Local/1-Remote Access Cat 5 KVM over IP Switch is ideal for your IT systems, no software needed, no complicated installation procedures, and no compatibility issues. Featured with built-in IP remote access, it allows you to access your connected servers over the local network or Internet. Multi-user mode allows 1 local and 1 remote user to access connected servers concurrently. It allows secure access to 8 computers from a single KVM console. Connect computers with compact RJ-45 connectors and Cat 5e/6 cable, transmitting distance is up to 100m.

Hardware Features

  •    Rack-mountable in 1U system rack

Local Console

  •    Control up to 8 computers
  •    Support 1 local user and 1 remote user, port share mode allows local and remote users to gain access to a server simultaneously
  •    Easy-to-use switching by browser-based UI interface, hotkeys and pushbuttons
  •    Support servers with VGA/DVI/HDMI port
  •    Multiplatform client support (Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac, Solaris (Sun), Redhat, Ubuntu
  •    Local Console, Browser, and AP GUIs offer a unified Multilanguage interface
  •    Local resolution is up to 1280 x 1024@60Hz
  •    Support mouse synchronization mode-automatically synchronizes the local and remote mouse movements
  •    Video synchronization with local console – EDID information for local console display can be stored in the host module for video resolution optimization
  •    Keyboard and mouse emulation to ensure the normal booting
  •    Auto scan feature for monitoring user-selected computer
  •    Hot pluggable–add or remove computers without having to power down the switch

Remote Console

    •    Adaptive 10 / 100 / 1000 Mbps network
    •    WEB browser-based remote management
    •    BIOS-level access
    •    Video quality and video tolerance can be adjusted to optimize data transfer speed, data transfer speed is up to 30 FPS
    •    Remote resolution is up to 1920 x 1080@60Hz
    •    Full screen or scalable video display
    •    Remote users and local users can control the same server/computer synchronously
    •    Support AES / DES / 3DES encryption
    •    Support audit function-allows the administrator to audit the device through the system log and operation log
    •    Exit Macros support
    •    Configurable user and group permissions for server access and control
    •    Message Board for communication among remote users
    •    Support strong password
    •    Support firmware upgrade
    • Package Contents

      •    1x HT1108 KVM over IP Switch
      •    1x Power Cord (Regional)
      •    1x Quick Start Guide
      •    1x User Manual
      •    2x Mounting Rails
      •    8x USB KVM Adapter
      •    1x Cat5 shield network cable
      •    1x Ground Lead


Connection Diagram


kinan ht1108.kvm.ip-kvm-switch.diagram