The Cyberview CV-S801 USB KVM Switch has a slim 1U form factor to provide effective assistance for administrators to control up to 8 PCs from a single Keyborad, Video and Mouse (KVM) console.
To simplify switching and control, the CV-S801 is equipped with an OSD (On-Screen-Display) menu and ability to switch targets via Hot Key sequences. Up to eight CV-S801s can be cascaded together expanding the system capacity up to 128 computers providing the maximum flexibility for your application.

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CV-S801, KVM Switch, KVM 8 port, Austin Hughes, Cyberview

CV-S801 – Cyberview 8 port USB KVM Switch

As the server density increases, you run out of spaces in racks and server room quickly. CV-S801 – Cyberview 8 port USB KVM Switch is slim 1U form factor to provide effective assistant for an administrator to control multiple PCs. All models are OSD (On-Screen-Display) menu equipped to simply the server management. It fit different applications and can be cascaded together expanding the capacity up to 128 computers, and providing the maximum flexibility.CV-S801, KVM Switch, KVM 8 port, Austin Hughes, Cyberview


  • Multi-platform – Mix PCs, SUN Microsystems, IBM compatibles, HP, Compaq and Dell.
  • Hot Pluggable – Add PCs or remove connected PCs for maintenance without powering down the USB KVM switch or PCs.
  • No Software is required – Easy PC selection via on screen display manual, push buttons and hot-key.
  • Local console & KVM ports support resolutions up to 1920 x 1200
  • Auto-Scan mode to monitor servers at intervals between 5 to 99 seconds.
  • Password enable & disable, with up to 8 users profiles to control access
  • VGA and USB two-in-one by 15pin HDDB connector at KVM side.
  • Cascade for use up to 128 servers.

CV-S801, KVM Switch, KVM 8 port, Austin Hughes, Cyberview


Connectors CPU/KVM connector: HDB15 female
Console ports: HDB15 female and usb type A
PC selection On Screen Display, Hot Key & Push Button
LED 8/16 Online LED (green) & Selected LED (RED)
Scan Mode Intervals 5-99 seconds
VGA resolution 1920 x 1440
Bandwidth 200 MHz
Cascade Max. Level 8 levels with additional 120 /128 PCs connected
Housing Metal
Power Adapter DC 12V 1A
Operation Temperature 0-40 Deg. C
Storage Temperature -21-60 Deg. C
Humidity 0-80% Non condensing
Size: 449 W x 44H x 110D mm
Weight CV-S801 : 3.5 Kg / CV-S1601 : 4 Kg

CV-S801, KVM Switch, KVM 8 port, Austin Hughes, Cyberview

CV-S801 KVM Hot Key Sequences:

Function Hot Key Sequence
Calling OSD Menu [Scr Lock] [Scr Lock] [Space Bar]
Right Mouse + [Esc]
Previous Port [Scr Lock] [Scr Lock] [Up]
Next Port [Scr Lock] [Scr Lock] [Down]
Previous/Next Bank [Scr Lock] [Scr Lock] + [PgUp/PgDn]
Switch to Specific Port [Scr Lock] [Scr Lock] + Bank # + Port #
Buzzer On/Off [Scr Lock] [Scr Lock] [B]
Logout (Password Security Must Be On) [Scr Lock] [Scr Lock] [P]
Advanced HotKeys (For Supervisor Login Only)
AutoScan Mode [Scr Lock] [Scr Lock] [S]
Reset Factory Defualts [Scr Lock] [Scr Lock] [R]
Disable/Enable Password Security [Scr Lock] [Scr Lock] [U]
Enable/Disable Screen Saving [Scr Lock] [Scr Lock] [L]
Remote Console HotKeys
Toggle Remote/Local Port [Scr Lock] [Scr Lock] [C]
Buzzer On/Off [Scr Lock] [Scr Lock] [Q]
AutoScan Mode [Scr Lock] [Scr Lock] [S]
Auto Adjust Video Signal [Scr Lock] [Scr Lock] [A]

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